5 Factors to Consider When in the Market for A CPA in Israel


There are numerous times that you need the services of an accountant. As your business grows, you need to keep up with international standards and competent CPAs like pstein.com helps you to achieve it conveniently.

Regardless of your needs, however, finding a CPA in Israel requires due diligence. You don’t want an accountant who will offer sub-standard services, cause financial troubles, and waste your valuable time as you strive to correct the failures. If you are in the market for an accountant, here are factors to consider ensuring you get the best the market has to offer.

Define your needs

As you kick off your efforts of finding a CPA in Israel, you need to understand your needs. The needs form the basis upon which you will weigh a CPA’s capability to satisfy your requirements.

Consider experience and expertise

The accounting field is complex, and there are updates on the governing standards and innovations aimed at facilitating smooth and convenient accounting practices. For that, you need a CPA holding the relevant experience and expertise to cater to your needs effectively.

Among the considerations you can put in place is checking if the accountant is a member of ICPAS and other accounting bodies, how long the accountant has been in operation, their client base among other indicators of experience and expertise.

Staffing and equipment

Accounting firms could be overwhelmed by the number of their clients, and you wouldn’t want to be among the sidelined customers. While finding a CPA in Israel, ensure that the firm is sufficiently staffed and that they can offer a personal touch to your needs. Moreover, with the ever-evolving technology, you need a firm that is up to date with their equipment, including software. It is recommendable to go for an accountant whose software is compatible with what you are using to ensure that there are a seamless connection and flow of the necessary information.


Accessibility is more than a strategic location; it goes beyond a nice and readily parking spot for their customers. You need a CPA firm that is always ready to listen to your concerns, squeeze you in even without an appointment and attend to your accounting emergencies with haste. It may seem like you are going overboard, but a reliable CPA will be with you at all times, regardless of how odd the times are. You don’t want to be fined for late taxes just because your CPA could not make it on odd hours, right?

Customer support

Customer service is a must for any business line, and that doesn’t exclude your CPA. You need an accountant who readily avails their services when you need them, and if you call in, you want immediate assistance, not waiting for hours or days for a simple response.

As you search for a CPA in Israel, don’t be in a rush; take your time, shop around and weigh different firms following a set criterion. Finding a CPA in Israel might seem like quite a hassle, but with due diligence, you are on your way to landing a reliable CPA.