Awesome Housewarming Gift!


My partner and I just bought our first house together. We lived in an old apartment for a little a little over a year, got pregnant with our son, and moved to a second apartment while I was pregnant, and essentially raised our son in his early years at this location. It was so exciting and a lot of tears were shed, but we were onto our next chapter together.

We got settled in and decided to have a housewarming party. I had never had a legitimate party like this where people actually bought gifts.It felt grown up, but also, I felt a little funny about it, until a friend told me that this is totally ok, it’s normal and not to feel bad about it. So I tried to do just that. I invited people and made a small registry of things. Not too many high ticket items, as I didn’t feel that was necessarily appropriate, I just hoped that close family would take the reins on those.

Well, the one thing I put on there that I thought was a little pricey for your average friend to purchase, but maybe not family, was the Cuisinart Food Processor. I was immediately obsessed with this tool. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t be. I knew of its magic from reading random cooking blogs and I knew I needed one for sure. I definitely got lucky, because my parents got it for us. I was so excited.

Since I had already done my homework, I knew what different parts might be useful to me in the long run with this product. I learned from one of the blogs I had read that KitchenWorksInc. has a bunch of replacement products specifically for Cuisinart dfp-14n parts, which was exactly what I needed.

Of course I hopped on there, and checked out what would be useful for me. The different disc blades for shredding, grating and french fries (for the child), would be very handy. I was thrilled to see that I could also purchase a blade a disc holder with a lid. That’s very helpful when you’re trying to keep little hands safe. I also purchased a spatula, because why wouldn’t I need a spatula to help me with all these things that I’ll be slicing and grating.

I’m really just so excited to add more pieces to this in the future as i learn more from my cooking blogs. Especially when my son is old enough to help, it’ll be super exciting. I think this is a housewarming gift that will be here for quite a long time.