Does renter’s insurance covers broken pipes?


A large number of Americans have been living in rental apartments and they think it a preferable situation for them. Renting fits their financial situation and they enjoy the perks comes with it. One of them is that you are not liable for the renovations and expensive maintenance and service of the property.

Landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the utilities and various facilities in rental apartments. Water supply and plumbing should be in good working condition because tenant is paying for it. Landlord are obligated to keep good maintenance because these theories; the lease requirement and the implied warranty of habitability.

The tenants need to know their rights and must read the contract carefully. A tenant pays an agreed amount, as rent, to get premises in livable condition. So if the premises are not maintained in the condition that is agreed by landlord, then there is violation of the lease. As the tenant is not getting what he or she is paying for, the tenant can impose it against the landlord.

The implied warranty of habitability requires a landlord to fix large plumbing problems to prevent water damage and health and safety issues.

Water damage is a very common problem due to leaked or broken pipes in apartments. Wherever you live in a rental premises, you must know who is responsible for the water damage costs. And if the water damages the renter’s belongings, which will he blame landlord or the renter.  If the landlord fails to keep maintenance of plumbing system then it is called negligence on his behalf and he has violated a duty. It means if the tenant has told the landlord of problems in plumbing system or leakage in toilet appliances and landlord has ignored or unable to pay attention to it. If the landlord did not fulfill his duty of maintaining plumbing system, he could be responsible for water damage done to the property and also for the damage of tenant’s belongings along with the increased water bill.

On the other hand, tenant is responsible to both, utilizing the facilities in proper and suitable way, offered by landlord and informing him if any water problem starts to prevent advance damage.

The water leaks due to tenants fault, for example due to low heat of heating system, pipes froze and pipes burst. If it is not done by landlord’s action, then tenant is responsible for whole water disaster. In another example, if tenant has a neighbor, living above or on the side, he can possibly cause water damage. A broken or leaked pipe or leaking faucet can happen anywhere. When the water damages your apartment’s walls or ceiling, you have to prove that it is caused by your neighbor. You need to call your landlord to check out everything before accusing other person. May be you both are in same position and water damage is no one’s fault.

Insurance is a saver and every renter should buy renters insurance before renting an apartment or home. Renters insurance covers plans, relating various issues, such as property damage, damage to personal belongings and also the cost of alternative lodging while the repair is done