Group Term Life Insurance to Get a Better Family Insurance Quote


You can get rates for group term life insurance from various sources, and then use the information in your rate to determine where to buy coverage. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that you obtain at least three different quotes for comparison. Here are four sources for group term life insurance Singapore.

1) Internet – Internet access is an easy and convenient way to find prices for term life insurance. Typically, you fill out an online quote request or request form with information about your age, health status, desired duration, and coverage. Then you can get quotes from brokers, agencies or companies. Once you find an offer that you like, you can speak with a representative and ask questions to make sure you are getting the right coverage for your situation.

Many people use an insurance comparison site to make it easier to find a quote. These sites usually have a form that you have to fill out that is sent to various life insurance agents, brokers, or companies. You will then receive a few quotes from which you can choose.

2) Contact a financial advisor or agent: If you already have an insurance agent or financial advisor, you can ask them for a quote for your term life insurance. They can help you determine what coverage is best for your situation and answer any questions you may have. Now some agents and consultants can only represent one life insurance company. If so, you should probably find a couple more quotes elsewhere for comparison. This is because the rates for term life insurance can vary from company to company.

3) Through your employer or association: Your workplace may offer term life insurance as part of a group plan. You can even get a small amount of insurance coverage for free, as well as the ability to buy more. Again, you can compare the cost of your employer group’s insurance coverage with several other offers. Also, if you are a member of an association, you can find out if they offer urgent life insurance as a group plan.

4) Directly by phone or mail. You’ve probably seen ads for term life insurance on television. All you have to do is call the toll-free number and you can check the price. And you probably got the life insurance direct mail where all you have to do is fill out an application and submit it. These are other ways to get quotes. Just make sure you can check with an agent or representative for rates and coverage. You can also check with the state insurance department or the Better Business Bureau if the company has any complaints or is licensed to do business in your state.