There is a good chance you invested heavily in your landscape design to create a beautiful outdoor space for relaxing, hosting barbecues in the summer, and improving your curb appeal. Since you have to protect your investment, regular lawn care is vital to maintain the lure. Here are some lawn care tips to know.

Always remove weeds

The worst thing about weeds is that they prevent growth by blocking nutrients and air from getting to the plant’s roots. They appear anywhere, and they are many ways they can get into your garden through pollens in the air, birds flying over, or other pests roaming in your garden.

You can clear weeds from your garden by pulling out the whole root or spraying the weeds with low toxicity herbicides. You should also beware of moss which thrives in areas of the lawn with excess moisture, low-quality turf, and shade.

Improve the drainage in your lawn

If your lawn has poor drainage, it is likely to be waterlogged for days causing harm to your grass and plants. Poor drainage on your lawn can also lead to other problems if not corrected. Increased levels of clay in the soil, soil compaction, and dense areas of thatch can hinder water absorption.

A professional landscaping company can help you determine the quality of the soil on your lawn, its absorption levels, and how to improve the water flow. Changing the nature of the soil can also go a long way in improving the drainage on your lawn.

Aeration is important

Aeration enables better penetration of water and air into the grass’s roots areas, hence a healthy lawn. It is an excellent way to manage your yard if it is impacted by drought or waterlogging.

Professional landscapers create holes in the soil at specific intervals using specially made tools and equipment. For many gardens, aeration is essential once every few years. You can even use aeration shoes to treat small areas of your lawn routinely.

Mow and edge your lawn

Mowing and edging your lawn are the most effortless ways to maintain it looking beautiful and attractive. How often you should mow and edge your yard depends on the weather conditions in your area. During the colder weather, such as winter, mowing is reduced while becoming more frequent during the warmer months.

Also, you should avoid mowing the lawn when the grass is wet as that can cause permanent damage to your yard, and you may have to redesign it again. A half-moon edging tool can help you to keep the edges neat.

Feed and water your plants

Last but not least, feed and water your grass, flowers, trees, and other plants in your yard. It is easy to maintain your lawn in good condition even if you don’t have a green thumb. The type of plant feeds and watering required will depend on the kind of plants on your lawn and the weather conditions in your region. Ideally, you should treat your yard twice yearly and practice regular watering.