Why is explosion-proof LED lighting critical for hazardous work environments?


Most industries require their employees to work in hazardous environments in order to render the best service for the people. Hazardous locations carry a high risk of explosion. The destruction can be massive if an ignition takes place in such environments. As technology advanced, many industries began producing equipment to protect workers in hazardous environments. One such innovation is the explosion- proof LED lighting. Nowadays, companies use explosion-proof LED lights to avoid hazards that were once unavoidable when working in hazardous environments.

What Makes an Environment Hazardous?

The availability of combustible materials in higher concentrations in places with sources that produce heat or sparks makes a particular environment hazardous. Combustible materials include dust, ethanol, toluene, grain, coal, etc. In contrast to combustible materials, flammable substances can also evoke flames in areas with lower temperatures. These different temperature levels that could evoke an ignition are called flashpoints. However, the advanced thermal control mechanism prevents the emission of heat to the environment avoiding the chances of an explosion.

What are the Benefits of Utilising Explosion-Proof LED Lights?

Ability to Withstand Explosions

Explosion-proof LED lights withstand explosions in hazardous areas. These lighting fixtures are made of thick glass lenses and high-quality materials to prevent the escaping of heat or spark to the outside environment. If combustible gasses come into contact with heat or sparks, these explosion-proof LED lights take the explosions under control. It prevents the occurrence of an explosion, which could otherwise turn into an environmental catastrophe.

Provide Adequate Lighting

Light plays a crucial role in hazardous locations. These explosion-proof lights provide adequate light for the workers to perform their tasks safely.

Increase Productivity

Companies safeguard the lives of the workers and the workspace with explosion-proof lighting. Working in an environment that prioritizes safety increases the productivity of the employees.

Efficient and Energy Saving

Adopting Explosion proof lighting rather than traditional lighting fixtures is a great way to save energy. Explosion-proof LED lighting consumes less than 90 per cent of its power. In addition, these lighting fixtures can be used 100 000 hours more even after continuous usage. High-quality materials used in these explosion-proof lighting assure the durability of the product and its ability to function without disruption.

Durability and Cost Cutting

High-quality materials used in the manufacturing of explosion-proof lights make them more durable. Thick glasses in explosion-proof lights reduce the chances of producing sparks. Explosion-proof lights cause fewer breakdowns due to their high-quality finish. This reduces the cost companies have allocated for regular breakdowns and unexpected accidents.

In addition to the above factors, finding an internationally certified explosion-proof LED lighting fixture is crucial for your workplace. Some of these certifications are ATEX, NEC, NPFA, and CSA. Always ensure the ex-proof LED lighting fixture goes through the relevant quality tests so you will not regret your decision later.

Where to Find the Right Explosion-Proof LED Lighting in Singapore?

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