4 Medium Business Payment Processing Software You Should Try In 2020


If you already own a medium-size business or plan to set up one – you should look for the best payment processing software that will work for you. Having this type of enterprise, you would probably prefer to make the payment process as automated as possible, giving your clients a wide range of payment options, and paying affordable fees for service at the same time.

When choosing a payment processing software for your medium business, you need to consider what kind of payments you will be accepting, in which currency and how often. Payment processing software should also include or integrate with payment gateway and proceed transaction in a fast and secure way. In 2020, there are so many payment processing solutions to choose from and we will navigate you through the best of them.

Transparent Billing

Transparent Billing by D-Tech provides simple, secure and affordable payment solutions for organizations ranging from small, home-based multi-million-dollar enterprises requiring complex payment solutions entrepreneurships . D-Tech’s ProtectPay platform provides software integrators, payment facilitators and SaaS providers with all the tools necessary to easily implement payment processing.

The modern, easily extendable architecture enables the orchestration of payments, provides intelligent routing and cascading functions as well as state-of-the-art risk management, automated reconciliation and settlements along with plugin-based integration of Acquirers and Payment Service Providers.

Best of all, these proprietary payment solutions enable you to maintain maximum security and compliance while integrating with the core systems you already use.

The owner-managed and financed company D-Tech has grown from a two-person team to an IT specialist with over 25 experts developing innovative solutions and products in the heart of Tbilisi.


SHTAR is a payment network incorporating actual applications with bank payment platforms, removing manual processes for the payer, bank, and payee, which makes it very suitable for medium businesses. SHTAR automatizes payments and syncs transaction-related data directly from the accounting software to the recipient for the card, RTP, ACH, and wire payments. The bank balance is synced with book balance automatically, so there is no need to look through all checks by marking them off separately while reconciling.

Bookkeepers do not have to log in to their bank account to initiate payment. Due to SHTARs B2B plugin transactions can be done directly within their accounting application. For those who value security, SHTAR has Multi-Factor-Authentication built into every transaction as well as embedded Digital Positive Pay that provides an extra layer of security.

SHTAR was founded in 2018 by Moshe Teitelbaum and has a small team of professionals. The headquarters company’s are based in New York, US.

Payment Rails

Payment Rails is a cloud technology platform that allows businesses to make transactions to both companies and individuals around the world in any currency and using many types of payment.

Having the main focus on cross-border payouts, Payment Rails offers throughout reinforce for affiliate payout process including a simple API, collection of affiliate banking details, control panel to deliver payments to anyone in over 220 countries in local currency with the secure process of approval. This innovative platform is simple to navigate and fast to set up. It provides users with a responsive widget that can be integrated with a website or application and comprises bank validation rules for various countries. Also, the platform enables you to handle returned payment, track payment in real-time and see current foreign exchange rates.

Payment Rails was established in 2015 in Canada by a group of inspired financial tech specialists. Its offices are situated in Toronto and Montreal as well as in London, UK.

Verifi Global Payment Gateway

Verifi’s Global Payment Gateway offers protected real-time and batch, credit card, ACH and eCheck payment processing for card-not-present (CNP) dealers. To support the needs of your medium-business, PCI Level 1 certified payment gateway has a virtual terminal, which is easy to use, adaptive user management and controls, robust transaction routing capabilities, customizable reporting, support of multiple currencies for international processing and a recurring billing engine. You are able to access and manage finances from any computer and location, store client card information for future payments in the system which is referenced using a unique token.

Verifi’s Global Payment Gateway offers payment lifecycle support for MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, ACH, and Diners Club and supports over 65 payment networks all over the world. It also possesses profound, layered fraud protection through the transaction lifecycle and protects your business from unexpected losses.

Verifi comes from Los Angeles, US. Although the company was founded in far 2005, it still remains one of the leaders in offering new-day payment solutions for small and medium enterprises.