Lifespan of bulletproof vests: How to choose the best quality vest?


Most body armor has a standard service rating for five years. It does not count that whether your body is long or short, the vest must be carefully examined for any signs of damage – wrinkles, tears, odors and burns. If the vest is properly cared for, it should last five years. Get your vest today at

Send the guarantee card

Make sure the company obtains your warranty card to register the vest. If you do not do it, be sure to do it. The reason is that, for example, many companies will have difficulty getting in touch with customers because they did not return warranty cards. It is important that you have a minimum of two panels – one to wash and one to use. Keep it clean and dry to ensure that the ballistic panels last completely for five years.

See your vest as clothes

Most American bulletproof vests are similar to clothing in the way they are made. They have stitches, quilt stitches and several other techniques. The veteran garment workers inspect the bulletproof vests as well as the underwear they wear today. There were a large number of cases in which officers received shots with their body armor. The result of being hit by a bullet is an unpleasant-looking bruise, which is caused by the deformation of the upper layer.

How can you prevent the panel from sinking?

When the ballistic panels sink, the bulletproof vest is not very comfortable to wear. The worst of all is that it does not provide the protection that the user requires and needs. The way to deal with the problem is by rotating the panels. Most bulletproof vests are sold with a pair of panels, preferably it is better to have three.

Stay in shape or get a new body armor

It is important that armor users do not earn more than 10 percent of their body weight. If a person earns more than 5 to 10 percent of their body weight, after obtaining a bulletproof vest, it will be necessary to obtain a new one. The same thing happens if you lose weight.No officer of the law should use a panel holder as the only protection against bullets.

Place the ballistic panels in the correct way

The attack face of the panel is created to decrease and disperse the energy of the bullet. The back of the panel is created to reduce trauma. If the panel is flipped over, there is no promise that the vest will stop the bullet. The stab proof vest are made of higher and premium quality fabric and fibre. You can get multi-threat stab proof vests in the armor market.