Read to Know How You Can Use Facebook for Business


If you want your brand to thrive on social media, then mastering Facebook marketing will be the key. These days social media platform is used by 2.8 billion+ people every single month and hence, one can find plenty of potential attention for your business.

Facebook is such a place where your grandmother can comment on what dress you are wearing and at the same time, a businessman can connect with his audiences too.

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How you can create your Facebook marketing strategy just in six easy steps

Let us now assume, you can now create your Facebook posts effortlessly. So, let us take a good look at a few ideas to help you to build a solid strategy with Facebook to make the maximum out of your page.

1. Define your audience

For effectively engaging your audience, first, you need to understand with whom you are talking. Know about your target audience by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the age of your target followers?
  • What type of jobs they have?
  • Where do your target followers live?
  • What challenges do they have?
  • When and how do they use Facebook?

You also need to know the general demographics of your Facebook users. After getting a sense of who is using this platform you may look at the insight of the Facebook Audience.

2. Set goals

You have to decide what exactly the success of your brand may look like. It will be surely tempting to look at few ‘Likes’ as your measure of achievement, however, if they are not part of the broader marketing plan, then those likes mean nothing.

A very strong goal that will be tied to your objectives of the business is necessary for creating an effective strategy for Facebook marketing. Every business may have certain different goals, but each must focus on various actions that will impact their bottom line.

3. Plan your content mix

Now you have got the target audience, also you have decided your goals. So, now it is time for crafting those posts.

To determine the right mixture of the content may need a little bit of trial and error, but you can use a good thumb rule which is also known as the “80-20 Rule”.

While following this rule it will mean that by using 80% of the total posts to inform, entertain, and educate and the rest other 20% will be to simply promote your brand.

4. Optimize your Page to engage

You may have however tall Facebook marketing goal but you can find it extremely difficult to achieve it in case there is no one who knows that your Facebook Page does exist.

Therefore, it is very important that:

  • You must try to get as many people as possible to your Page
  • Then try to compel them to have interaction once they get there.

5. Consider using other tools of Facebook

After you have familiarized yourself with running your Facebook Business Page, then there are many different ways by which brands can find various opportunities for engagement other than posts and comments. Some of them are:

  • Facebook business manager – A business Manager is a kind of tool that can help you to manage all your organic and also paid Facebook posts.
  • Facebook groups -Facebook groups are another important tool that you can use for driving your engagement.
  • Facebook chatbot – It is an automated response tool that can always help an interested customer.

6. Incorporate Facebook advertisements and the Facebook pixel

Now you have crafted your perfect post, also your wording is just right, also the imagery can be outstanding and all the questions are super engaging. You can now hope your followers too can actually see it.

It is right that not everything that has been posted on your Facebook Page is going to reach your followers. You may be surprised by the number and percentage of followers in your organic posts.

You must manage your presence on Facebook platform alongside your few other social media channels. From a single dashboard, it is possible to schedule posts, share any video, engage your audience, also measure the impact generated due to your efforts.