5 Ways to Make $1000 in a Single Week


Sometimes in life problems crop up where we need a bit of extra money to address a few issues very quickly.

If you are like most young Australians then saving is far from easy. When your paycheck comes in rent has to be deducted, car repayments, student and other loans have to be paid, and by the time you pay any other bills you are left with very little.

Life is full of uncertainties, and we have compiled a few ways for you to make $1000 or so  without investing too much time or effort.

Rent Out Your Car

Our vehicles stay idle for most of the day; a lot of Australians primarily use their cars to commute to work and back home. When we are asleep, spending time with family, or at work, our vehicles stay idle, taking up space in our driveways or parking spaces.

Several car-sharing platforms facilitate the renting of your car to strangers when you are not making use of them. When picking a car-sharing platform, ensure that they offer premium insurance policies to car owners.

The rate at which you earn $1000 with this method depends on the value of your car and how long you are willing to rent it weekly.

Host Guests on Airbnb

If you have room to spare or you are willing to vacate your residence for a few days, Airbnb could be a perfect way for you to cover rent and even earn hundreds of dollars monthly.

The time it will take you to earn $1000 depends on where you live, how beautiful your place is, and what events are taking place around your area.

If you live close to a significant landmark, transport infrastructure like airports, train stations, seaports, or a major sporting arena then you can expect to make more money in less time.

Resell Luxury Items

A great way to make $1000 in under a week would be to sell designer handbags on consignment. A lot of the famous designer brands make handbags and accessories that retain a lot of their value even after they have been used for some time.

If you no longer need a particular designer piece, you can put it up for sale on consignment with a trusted retailer.

Consigning means that you get a predetermined percentage of whatever your authentic designer handbags sells for, and you are paid once your item is sold.


A great way to make extra income from the comfort of your home would be to freelance online. A lot of organisations and individuals are embracing freelancers to carry out a wide range of services for them.

If you have skills that are worth leveraging, you can earn thousands of dollars carrying out tasks on several freelance websites including, Up work, People Per Hour, Guru and a wide range of others.

All that you need are highly sought after skills and diligence, and you can begin making over extra money quickly.

Manage your Finances

On our quest to make more money, we often overlook numerous avenues that lose us cash on a daily basis. Investing in a personal financial manager or an app that serves that function will help you correct your spending habits and save money by cancelling unnecessary recurring expenses.

Although a personal financial manager does not directly make you money, it creates space in your budget that saves you money on a monthly basis.

Just imagine how much more money you would have left over each month if you cancelled unnecessary subscriptions and curtailed luxury expenditure.

Image Pixabay License CCO