BREWDOG Las Vegas: Where Craft Beer Meets Breath taking Views


Floating 8 floors above the bustling Las Vegas strip is a brewpub unlike any other – BREWDOG Las Vegas. This latest addition to the BrewDog family is a sight to behold, boasting stunning views and an expansive rooftop terrace that will take your breath away. With 30,000 square feet spread over two floors, this brewery and restaurant offer a one-of-a-kind experience for beer enthusiasts and sightseers alike.

BREWDOG Las Vegas: Where Craft Beer Meets Breathtaking Views

Creating the Perfect Space

The team at BrewDog knew they had something special with this location and wanted to create an extraordinary space that would match the city’s vibrant energy and create memorable times.  They turned to Edgework Creative, their trusted partner for over 5 years, to bring their vision to life. As this was their 12th collaboration, the production and installation process had been fine-tuned, ensuring a seamless execution despite the unique challenges posed by the site’s conditions.

A Rooftop Oasis

The crown jewel of BREWDOG Las Vegas is undoubtedly the rooftop terrace, offering 360-degree views of the iconic Las Vegas skyline. With 210 days of sunshine, the rooftop deck is the ideal spot to bask in the sun during the day or revel in the sparkling city lights at night. To accommodate the diverse range of patrons, Edgework Creative crafted a variety of small and large tables in both dining and bar heights, providing nearly 50 options for guests to choose from. They explored every possibility of what makes a logo memorable.

Indoor Elegance

Inside, the brewery boasts over 60 indoor tables and retail fixtures, ensuring that guests have ample choices for seating arrangements. The indoor bar features an assortment of table types to accommodate groups of all sizes, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Whether it’s a couple seeking an intimate setting or a large party celebrating a special occasion, there are seating options for everyone.

From Craft to Elvis

Of course, the main attraction at BREWDOG Las Vegas is the craft beer, with a selection of brews to suit every taste. As visitors savor the flavors of carefully brewed beers, they might just catch a glimpse of Elvis – well, we can’t make any promises, but it’s Las Vegas, after all!

A Trustworthy Partnership

The success of BREWDOG Las Vegas is not only attributed to the spectacular views and delectable brews but also to the enduring partnership between BrewDog and Edgework Creative. Since 2017, Edgework Creative has worked hand in hand with BrewDog, understanding their brand and translating it into exceptional spaces. Their ability to anticipate challenges, meticulously plan ahead, and deliver outstanding craftsmanship has solidified the bond between the two companies.

A Destination Like No Other

BREWDOG Las Vegas is not just a brewery; it is an experience, a destination that marries the art of craft beer with the allure of Las Vegas. With the picturesque rooftop terrace, the delightful indoor spaces, and the seamless partnership between BrewDog and Edgework Creative, this brewpub promises an unforgettable journey for every visitor.

So, if you find yourself on the Las Vegas strip, don’t miss the chance to float above the city at BREWDOG Las Vegas, where craft beer meets breathtaking views, and a world of beer-inspired wonder awaits you.