How Accountants can best Prepare Self-Assessment Returns


For any accountant, one of the most common parts of your day will come down to preparing Self-Assessment returns. These assessments can often be a bit of a nightmare, and they can become needlessly complex to put through. For some clients, it can feel like you are spending too long on their SA return. If you feel like that, then you should definitely look to make some progress by preparing for a self-assessment session with the right software.

The right tools can make all the difference, after all, especially when it comes to managing others books. Where, then, can you start with preparing Self-Assessments a bit easier?

Investing in the right assistance

Just like any other professional, you should be using tools and software to make your job easier. Given that most accountancy practices are handled online or on the computer, it’s likely that you can find supporting software. A good Self-Assessment tax software package can make what feels like a confusing issue a whole lot easier to deal with. You can then make sure that you are going through tax returns with greater accuracy, quickly and easily filling in the essential details of each client.

You should never try to handle all of your Self-Assessment jobs on your own. With software, you can make sure that you have a more universal way of working through these pieces of work. It can be a time-consuming process otherwise, so it pays to invest in some software. This reduces the time that you are spending working on tax returns, without reducing the actual quality of the return itself.

In fact, it improves the quality by removing much of the busy work form handling these returns. When doing it all by-hand, you are essentially covering much of the same ground over and over. This can lead to mistakes and can also cause issues with the filing process. Instead of moving so quickly, you should look to invest in Self-Assessment software that allows you to do things in a more automated manner.

That extra speed can really add up over the year, making the bulk of your tax returns much easier to handle.

Getting the right guidance

The best Self-Assessment software comes with HMRC-specific guidance and detail. When you want to start dealing with taxes on a more regular basis, then it pays to be able to turn to software with this feature. You can quickly make sure that everything you are putting into the return can be backed up and validated prior to submissions.

When handling so many tax returns, errors can become an increasingly common part of your day. Even the highest level of vigilance is likely to produce days where you make mistakes. With software, though, you can easily notice these mistakes and then, crucially, do something about it. The end result can be a much-improved system for handling the tax returns of your clients.

So, don’t try and take on all of your SA tax returns without using professional help. The right software and tools can make a huge difference to the end results that you achieve.