How Can I Check the Allocation Status of an IPO?


In this time of robust economic activity, there is an onslaught of IPOs in the market. Investor sentiment is largely positive, and stock market activity is exceptionally high. As a result, keeping track of investments and stock market activity, upcoming IPOs, and allocation status has become necessary because the market is hugely competitive. The Motilal Oswal investor app enables you to do all this and more by providing a streamlined solution.

Once you’ve applied for upcoming IPOs, the next step is to check your share allocation status.

Now, let’s look at some vital information about the allocation of shares and understand how you can check the status of an IPO-

How are IPO shares allocated?

Subscription to the IPO determines how they are allotted. In case the shares are under-subscribed, you will be allotted all the shares you have applied for.

However, in the case of over subscription, allocation is made by considering the following criteria-

  1. Issue size
  2. Number of subscribers
  3. Minimum lot size

Who allocates the shares?

Share allocation is usually carried out by the registrar of a company. A registrar is an independent financial institution registered with SEBI and appointed by the company releasing the IPO. They keep track of the share applications, take care of the allotment process for the company, and ensure that SEBI allocation guidelines are followed.

When can you see the IPO allocation status?

The share allocation process is typically completed within a week of the IPO release. This is especially true in the case of over subscription.

Information about completing the allocation process is made public via the company’s website. Investors can then start checking their allocation status.

Where can you see the IPO allocation status?

There are a couple of different ways to see your IPO allocation status-

  • You can visit the IPO registrar’s website to check the status. You will require your PAN number, Demat account details, and IPO application number for this process.
  • Once shares have been allotted, you will receive SMS and email notifications from NSE, BSE, CDSL, and NSDL about the same.
  • You can check the allocation status on your broker’s website or application by logging into your Demat account. The Motilal Oswal investor app makes it extremely easy for you to monitor share allocation.

How to see IPO allocation status on the investor app?

You can check the allocation of shares by following this simple process-

  1. Log into your Motilal Oswal Demat account on the app.
  2. You’ll find your Order Book in the ‘upcoming IPO’ section under the IPO tab.
  3. When you click on the Order Book, a page detailing your IPO orders will appear.
  4. You can check your allocation status against the name of the IPO.
  5.  If shares have been allotted to you, ALLOTTED will be mentioned. Otherwise, IN PROCESS will be mentioned against the IPO details.


Investing in upcoming IPOs and checking the allocation status has become easier than ever because of the MO investor app. You can easily open Demat accounts, streamline your investments, stay updated on upcoming IPOs, and monitor your stock market activities.