How can you build a professional trading strategy


To trade in the Forex market, you have to follow strategies to make money. If you are new in the market, focus on learning the processes before you start trading. Without having proper knowledge about the market you will face many downs. Always remember, knowledge is the most vital asset of retail traders. This is one of the key reasons why the elite Singaporean traders are able to make a regular profit. The power of knowledge will help you to develop a unique strategy. You don’t have to rely on the signal service provider since you will develop the skillset to execute quality trades in the real market.

In this article, you will get to know how to build a strategy to trade profitably. No one wants to lose their money. The steps mentioned in this article will help you to trade in a better way and if you learn all the processes you will be able to make money profitably.

Learn about the market cycles

Everything in our life maintains a cycle so does the market. Most traders fail in the market because they are not aware of the market cycle. The Forex market basically moves in four phases and to understand the market you need to know how the cycle moves.

The first cycle is the accumulation phase, where the market is known to be bottomed and the adopters wait to jump or move up with discounts. The second cycle is the make-up phase, in this phase the market is leveled out and in this time most trader’s cash out their money as the majority will jump back in. The third one is the distribution phase, the market has mixed uptake with slightly bearish, hectic prices, failed sellers and many more. The last one is the market-down phase, in this time the failed traders try to recover their losses by trading before the adopters sign in.

Choose the correct indicators and tools

Many traders fail in the market as they choose the wrong indicators or tools and apply them in the charts without bothering which market phase is currently present. Each indicator and tool is designed to work in a specific situation, the Forex market has set every tools and indicator for different purposes. As a fulltime trader, you should never rely blindly on the indicators reading. The use of the indicators should be limited to the trade filtering process only. Stop making things hard by loading too many indicators.

Before choosing any tools and indicators, you need to select the tools according to the market phase you are trading at. If you are new in the market then before choosing any indicators or tools learn how to use them with the market phase. You can do it from this address. If necessary, open a demo account with Saxo and start developing your skills.

Choosing the specific time frame

Every trader has a different perspective of their work so a few of the traders follow the time frame and a few don’t. It’s not compulsory to trade by choosing a time frame. You can select your own time to trade. Pro traders don’t believe in the lower time frame as they trade by observing the charts of the market, so there is no fixed time for the movement of the price that’s why they choose their time according to the chart movement.


It’s important for every trader to trade after they know which type of trader they want to become, and how they will work on the processes to become the trader they want to be. Always have a clear mindset and create your own strategies to trade in the market. Never stop learning about the market. Start gathering knowledge so that you can create the perfect strategy. Forget the fact that the majority of the investors are losing money. Gain confidence and start trading this market with discipline.