How to Get Your Brand Noticed Offline


Most Australian businesses want to gain a presence on the internet. When you take a marketing class or hire a marketer to spread the word about your brand, the most significant recommendations they have are to use social media and search engine optimization strategies to get your brand noticed.

But you cannot rely on these strategies alone, especially if you own a local business. The most important thing is to get people to see your brand name and logo.

Everything from the colour scheme to the style of your brand is the elements that people will remember the most about it. If the imagery of your brand is compelling, then offline advertising can prove to be highly beneficial to your business.

It is still just as essential to get your brand noticed offline as it is to get your brand noticed online. Offline marketing continues to be highly effective for local businesses and even some online businesses.

Below are seven ways you can get your brand or business noticed offline.

Car Signage

Car signage will turn your vehicles into mobile billboards. Whether you have a fleet of commercial vehicles or just one vehicle, car signage for advertising your brand on Sydney roads or any other roads is highly effective.

Car signage gives you so many more visual options than a new paint job. You can add several different colours, images, photographs, and copywriting onto the exterior of your vehicle.

It is also cheaper than a new paint job and can be removed at any time without affecting the current paint job of your vehicle.

Direct Mail

People still receive paper mail. If you send physical flyers, postcards, or magazines to various demographics of your target audience, then perhaps it will get their attention when they pull it out of their mailbox.

Do not send letters in envelopes because people discard junk mail immediately. It would be best if you captured people’s attention instantly by mailing them a colourful and aesthetically pleasing advertisement.

It should be something that will make them want to inquire more about your business.

Attend an Event or Seminar

Community events are held frequently in towns and cities across Australia. Find an event for business people within your industry or something closely related that caters to your stakeholders.

As you mingle with the other guests at the event, pass out your business card to them. Try to hand out at least 100 business cards per event.

 If you are lucky, then you might receive one or two calls or emails back. It is worth the investment if those one or two leads become customers.


People see giant billboards all the time when they drive in the city or on the interstate. Billboard advertising is a great way to showcase your brand to the thousands of people that will drive by and see it daily.

All you need is enticing imagery, an attractive headline, and a few simple ways for people to contact your business. You could include a “reply text” number, email address, website URL, or regular phone number.

Television Advertisements

People still watch television networks that have commercials. You have the potential to reach millions of people by advertising your brand on television commercials. Some networks charge more than others, so be wary of that.

Radio Advertisements

A lot of people think radio is dead, but it is still around. Satellite radio seems to be the most popular form of radio right now.

However, you can still find local radio stations that depend on advertising dollars to survive. Think about contacting your local radio station and request to purchase ad space on their station.

Post Flyers

In addition to sending flyers through direct mail, try posting flyers around your local town or city. You could post flyers on the bulletin boards in libraries, grocery stores, and gyms.

Also, post flyers on your local utility poles as well. This is a cheap and quick way to get people’s attention regarding the latest news or offers from your company.

Image Pixabay License CCO