5 Ways to Build Your Wealth Before You Turn 30


Young people have a nasty habit of spending too much money. It is understandable because they are earning money for the first time and want to enjoy the fruits of their labour quickly.

You will not find too many 20-year-olds who are planning for their retirement anytime soon.

By the time younger people realise the importance of saving and investing money, it is too late. They have already started a family and have a lot of financial responsibilities.

As a result, they never seized the opportunity to build wealth for themselves when they were in a better position to do so.

You can build wealth before you turn 30 if you make the right decisions with your money. Do not do what the majority of younger people do with their money. You must think outside the box and change your financial mindset.

To help you get started, below are the top 5 ways to build your wealth before you turn 30.

Eliminate as Much Debt as Possible

As young people strive to be independent in the world, they are encouraged to take out loans and rack up debt. They may end up with a school loan, credit card, personal loan, car loan and eventually a home mortgage loan.

With all these loans accruing interest, the debt grows to be even more substantial. Therefore, it is important to stay away from debt if you can and eliminate any existing debt you have.

Think about buying a more affordable car for your transportation. Avoid buying a house with a mortgage because you are probably not going to want to settle down in one place for very long anyway. And, of course, limit the use of your credit card.

Do you have bad credit and multiple outstanding personal loans right now? If so, then your first priority should be to consolidate that debt into one monthly payment.

You can do that through bad credit loans, which are personal loans designed for people with bad credit ratings.

Seek one debt consolidation loan that is enough to pay off all your other creditors. Then you can focus your energy on paying off a single creditor. Not only will this ease your stress, but you will pay less interest too.

Build Passive Income Streams

Passive income is the key to building wealth over a long period of time. Who does not like the idea of generating income automatically without having to put any more work toward it?

Once you do the initial work that is required to set up a passive income stream, then you can just relax and watch the money come rolling in.

Some popular ways to make passive income include:

– Start a blog website and monetise it with ads.

– Invest in high-end stocks that pay dividends.

– Invest in rental properties

– Sell digital products online (e.g. books, photos)

– Affiliate Marketing

– High-Yield Savings Accounts

It will take some time and money to build passive income from these sources. Do your research and learn everything you can about making money by using these methods.

Save Money

When you start making a regular income, and you have money left over after paying the bills each month, what are you going to do with that extra money? If you want to build wealth, then you must save.

Put the money in a high-yield savings account and earn a high percentage of interest on it.

Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

You can avoid debt by living a minimalist lifestyle. Do you really need a $100,000 sports car? Do you need a 5,000 square foot house?

No, these are unnecessary luxuries which drain your wealth. If you want to build your wealth, you must keep your expenses small and simple.

Be frugal when you go shopping for food and clothes. Avoid restaurants and other high-priced conveniences.

Also, try to avoid starting a family until after you’re thirty. Wait until you are in a financially secure position before taking on the significant expense of raising kids.

Invest in Education

There is always more you can learn about saving money, starting businesses, and building wealth. That is why you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in your education.

This could mean going back to college or subscribing to online video courses that teach money-making strategies.

Image Pixabay License CCO