How to Reduce Home Loan Interest Rates?


A home loan is a loan that comes with high-interest rates and becomes a burden for the borrower. Usually, a home loan has the longest repayment time. Therefore, many borrowers are looking for ways to reduce their home loan interest rates.

A high-interest rate on a home loan will affect the mental health and financial well-being of the borrower. So, you should reduce the interest rate on a home loan if you are also going to borrow this loan.

In this article, we provide you with top suggestions to reduce the burden of home loan interest rates.

1. Pick prepayment as a viable option

If you make regular prepayments on time, it will minimize the principal amount and reduce the interest rate. Keep in mind that the lenders will charge the percentage for fixed-rate loan prepayments.

Securing lower interest rates on your home loan can be a game changer, and understanding FHA mortgage loan processing is key. FHA loans, with their competitive rates and government backing, often offer more forgiving criteria, thus easing the financial burden on homebuyers. By meticulously navigating the FHA’s requirements and leveraging its benefits, borrowers can potentially reduce their overall interest costs, making homeownership more affordable.

2. Compare the online interest rate

Before choosing a bank or lender for taking a loan, it is suggested to research interest rates and loan amounts. Many third-party sites offer detailed information about fees, interest rates, loan amounts, etc.

It is suggested to analyze the home loan interest rate from various banks before deciding on any specific one.

3. Transfer the balance on the home loan

Home loan balance transfers are only available once you start to make loan prepayments. If you think that the interest rate on a home loan is high, then you should transfer the remaining loan amount to another bank with less interest rate.

If there are any missed payments on the balance transfer loan, then it will result in high penalties. So, you should only consider the home loan balance transfer if there is no other option.

4. Pay the down payment in a large amount.

Many lender finances between 75% to90% of the complete property value. You must contribute 10% to 25% of the remaining property cost. However, instead of paying the least loan amount, you should pay the extra down payments initially. The more you pay the down payment, the less the amount of the loan will be, which reduces the interest rates applied to it.

5. Boost the Emi

Some banks allow you to maintain the monthly payment once a year. So, if you are going to change your job for a large salary, then you should take a loan with a higher EMI, which shortens the loan term. Once the loan tenure decreases, the interest you should pay on the home loan is also reduced.


This article works like expert advice to reduce the interest rate on the home loan. Every lender has different types of options to lower the interest rate and reduce the loan liability.