The impact of social media on recruitment


Nowadays, people tend to spend a lot of time on social media for personal and professional reasons. Social media has impacted recruitment and hiring. A lot of managers make hiring decisions with the help of information found on social media. For example, the LinkedIn network is a social networking platform used by many users who want to find a job.

Role of social media in recruitment

Companies and recruitment agencies are turning to social media to find qualified candidates.  Once candidates have been identified, social media profiles can also be used in the candidate selection process.

Using this method, the recruiter can easily observe and analyze the candidate’s profile. This way, he can see if the person is suitable for the job or not. This makes the whole recruitment process faster and more efficient. In addition to LinkedIn, the recruiter can also check other social media platforms such as Facebook.

Regardless of the industry, every business has a well-defined mission, vision and values. So, future employees need to respect and work to achieve the company’s goals. To find these people, recruiters should be able to demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Knowledge of psychology – A very useful tool when it comes to ‘reading’ people.
  • Analytical mind – It’s a quality that every employee of an IT recruitment agency should have. A recruiter has the ability to match the ideal candidate with the vacancy. It is important to have a perfect match between the employee and the position. This means positive results over time for the company and high employee retention in the company.
  • Experience in the field – Probably it’s already obvious that a recruiter with experience it’s more likely to find the ideal employees for the vacancy.

What are the benefits of social media recruitment for the candidates?

There are many benefits for those who decide to register on LinkedIn. Firstly, you are easier to find. The social media page contains all your skills and qualifications. Therefore, the recruiter would know exactly if you are the right person for the job. Secondly, you are more likely to be contacted. Since the IT recruitment agency can easily find you, this increases your chances of being called or massaged.

Social media plays a key role in the recruitment process. Not only does it make the recruiter’s job easier, but it also has some advantages for candidates. So your presence on platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook can ensure your professional success.