ATM Maintenance Tips to Remember


Across the globe, people are using automated teller machines or ATMs to get cash from their debit or credit cards. The ATM changed and improved in the last half of the century.

Nowadays, you can find advanced options with prominent features and convenience while using them. Still, it is a machine that helped us feel more secure than ever while taking the cash out of our bank accounts.

It is a machine that will help you manage your finances with ease. Most people think that they are complex in how they operate. Still, the devices will have to undergo strict regulations, mainly because they feature a significant amount of cash inside.

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Although it allows managing personal finances quickly, ATM units seem pretty complex in how they operate. However, these machines are subject to strict regulations, as they contain a bulk of the cash.

At the same time, if a particular retail shop has a machine, they cannot operate it unless they sign an agreement with an ATM company. Besides, they need sponsoring agreements with financial institutions or banks.

Essential Parts of ATM

It is vital to remember that ATMs can offer you a wide array of specialized functions, depending on the transaction options you wish to implement. However, regular maintenance is essential for preventing potential malfunction and other issues from happening.

Even though some machines will offer you distinctive features, all of them come with the same components, including:

Card Reader – All relevant information on a card comes from a magnetic stripe or EMV chip on a credit or debit card. As soon as you decide to insert it into a machine, the reader will detect account details and use the information to process the transaction with ease.

Keypad–The main idea of a keypad is to allow you an option to enter a transaction amount you wish. You will get several options on a screen that will include cash withdrawal, check deposit, balance inquiry, and you should browse to get what you wanted in the first place. At the same time, as soon as you place a card into a reader, the machine will ask you to type a PIN or personal identification number to enter your account. A keypad will allow you to input all details you wish and control the transaction.

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Cash Dispenser – Every automatic teller machine comes with cash dispensers, either at the bottom of the device or somewhere else, depending on the type of ATM you are using. Generally, cash dispenser relates to safe, and through them, you will receive money based on the transaction you wish to make. However, if the ATM malfunctions, a cash dispenser can lead to significant loss or even money robbing in worst-case scenarios.

Printer – ATMs feature a printer that will provide you a receipt based on your request. At the same time, the receipts will feature transaction details based on the withdrawal you made. Besides, you can ask for a balance inquiry, which will offer you an overall amount based on your current situation.

Screen – The display will show each option you will get when you enter your card. It will help you choose each step throughout the process. Today, you can find monochrome or color LCD, while the past options featured Cathode Ray tubes instead.

ATM Maintenance Tips

1. Software Should Be Up to Date

Each year, numerous new machines enter the market, as well as software options you can choose.

At the same time, numerous people think that security is an essential aspect of using a machine. Therefore, you should implement means to prevent the potential issues by performing regular upgrades and software updates.

Even though it may require money each time you do it, it is generally less expensive than potential issues that may happen due to fraudulent activities.

2. Keep It Functional and Clean

Cleaning it properly should be the highest priority because people are sensitive to cleanliness, which means they are more likely to use the one which is not filthy.

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However, the unclean machine can cause a lack of functionality. Touch screens, card readers, and keypads will be continually exposed to contaminants, ink, dirt, and finger oils.

Therefore, you should use simple cleaning tools such as swabs, wipes, and cleaning cards to reduce expensive services, minimize downtime and boost transaction times.