Life is the soul of this world. Life is the main aspect of Earth, making it different than any other planets in the outer atmosphere. Life is what we have, and it is our greatest possession. Nothing comes before our lives, as once it is lost, it is gone forever. Therefore, protecting life is our duty. We need to protect lives from any type of dangers that would befall us. Death is a certainty, but by being cautious we can avoid death from visiting us way to early. We need to think about our own safety and the value of life.

Bullet-proof vests have been a thing for a long time now. It is normally used by military personnel and cops, as they deal with the dangers of a bullet almost every day. It is a small and thick piece of cloth, that can literally buy us our lives. For the people who are sent to fight wars and uprisings, a bullet-proof vest can simply be a gift from god, and can save them from losing their lives. There are various kinds of bullet proof vests available in the market, and you can choose which one you need to buy from them.


Over the time, the lifesaving armors & bullet proof vests have gone through a wide range of modifications and have been developed in different designs, varieties & qualities. So, classifying them broadly they are of 2 types, viz Covert & Overt

Covert are the type of bullet-proof vests that are worn under the clothing, if someone intends for the whole thing to be kept a secret from other, after all, he is in a life-threatening situation.

Overt types of armors are used on war scenarios & they are placed outside the normal clothing. They have their armor level increased in respect to the covert ones due to the nature of their use. These kind of bulletproof vests are found to be used in military activities & threat scenarios. The outer vests are also weather resistant, to give them extra protection and comfort during difficult weather conditions.


Elite-Armor is a company that manufactures various types of protective garments, like bullet proof vests and helmets. They are Denmark’s largest retailer and seller of bullet-proof and stab-proof vests. They have been in the business since 2009 and have made quite a name for themselves. They have a number of bullet-proof vest types for you to choose from. All their products are thoroughly tested before being released to the market. The vests are certified and tested by the National Institute of Justice making them reliable and sturdy.

They are also Europe’s largest manufacturer of bullet-proof helmets. Bullet-proof helmets are also as important as bullet-proof vests, just as your head is as important as your heart. All their bullet proof helmets are tested and they all comply with the National Institute of Justice Standard 010601. They are the only Danish Bullet-proof vest manufacturing company that is certified and registered by the NIJ.


When it comes to bullet-proof vests, it is a matter of your safety, so you should always pick from the company that is the best in manufacturing the product.