Why Do People Need a Clipping Path Service for eCommerce?


In the current digital era, when a significant amount of products and services are being sold or advertised online, it is imperative to leverage professional photo editing services. They can help enhance images and quality simply because eCommerce success depends on their picture quality.

eCommerce retailers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs thus rely on optimized images to entice customers and boost sales. The best and most helpful way is through clipping path service. These are essential in enhancing your overall eCommerce platform.

This guide walks you through everything you need to know about what this service is, how it can be helpful to eCommerce retailers and businesses, and more.

What is a Clipping Path Service?

Clipping Path Service is a background removal service done through photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool. Through this, you can remove unwanted portions and backgrounds. You can also cut the image, change the background, or add the object on a completely different background.

Background removal involves clipping path services wherein photos are transferred to the service provider. It helps remove the backgrounds, and once that is done, the owner of the photos or the photographer is free to use them, such as within eCommerce businesses.

Any eCommerce business owner looking to display excellent images on their website should leverage these services because they can make a world of difference to the images.

How Clipping Path Can Benefit Your eCommerce Business

The clipping path is essential for businesses that primarily advertise and sell their products online. Such online sites require products to be placed in front of white backgrounds. This helps the product be clearly seen and highlighted and makes the details stand out.

This service is required in nearly all areas, but there are some areas that require it more. They include the following:

1.  Background Removal Service

As mentioned earlier, clipping path service is essential to undertake background removal services. It is very common to have product images wherein the product is clashing with the background or blending in.

You must make your product stand out so that it remains the picture’s focal point. To give a professional and refined touch to the image, a clipping path will be needed. It will remove the background and change it to a white, blank one.

2. Image Retouching

The clipping path allows easy editing and image retouching, making the images more vibrant and attractive. Many industries can benefit from such product retouching services, particularly jewellery, design, architecture, and wedding industries.

These services can significantly enhance the image by adding more life and colour to them so that you can easily use them for advertisements, on billboards, in pamphlets, and more. Professionals can easily use clipping paths to enhance various features and retouch the image.

3.  Colour Correction

Colour Correction is one of the most common services where a Clipping path is needed. It is very common to have the same product in different colours. However, you cannot take the same pictures of differently coloured products and have them look uniform. This is where eCommerce product photo retouching services, like clipping path, come in handy.

They can easily take the background away and replace the colours on the product with the desired one within minutes. If the final photographed image does not show accurate colours, you can also use this service. The editing can help fix this, which will eventually enable you to have vibrant and attractive images.

4.   Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Service is a standard service required in the garment industry. Neck Joint Service is needed when garments are placed on mannequins for photographing. Once the pictures are shot, they are edited to make these mannequins disappear.

This is done by joining the neck to show how the clothes will look when they are worn. Clipping path service helps to do this quickly and in a shorter time by removing the background and joining the neck.

5.  Image Masking

Image Masking is an excellent service because it transforms the look of an image. It is very popular in skincare industries where a product is meant to show it can enhance appearance. The clipping path helps by erasing, technical colour masking, and adding colour layers.

Final Words

All in all, if you want your business to succeed in the eCommerce industry, you must leverage this incredible picture retouching service. This is why many people are enhancing their websites with optimized product images.

If you are looking for outsourcing clipping path work and need a company that you can trust, consider Pixel By Hand. We provide various product retouching and editing services. Moreover, we can also undertake an evaluation of your website and tell you how the images can be enhanced.